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Doctor-Recommended: 4 Physicians Advise Their Patients to Use These Natural Treatments

Despite the growing number of people now using natural medicine to deal with their symptoms, herbs, pills and natural formulas have sometimes seemed to clash with traditional medicine. Maybe due to a lack of formal research in the past, some doctors were skeptical about their effectiveness.

But now, many different supplements have made it to the realm of white coats, with medical doctors starting to trust in natural ingredients to treat certain health issues thanks to the growing number of research studies proving their effectiveness.

Here we present you with the experience of 4 women who started taking our 100% natural formulas and obtained results so great they are now being recommended by their doctors!

Doctor Approved!

I started taking Hormone Harmony about three months ago. Within just a few days, I noticed improved mood, improved sleep and far fewer hot flashes/night sweats. When my first bottle was gone, in an effort to find something a bit cheaper, I ordered a different hormone supplement. I think it was only about 1 week and I got rid of the other supplement and reordered Hormone Harmony. It's entirely worth the bit more that it costs. And the added bonus is that I just had an appointment with my primary care physician who reviewed the ingredients and told me "DO NOT (with emphasis) stop taking this one." Between my own personal experiences and improvements and the fact my doctor was impressed with it as well, I would very highly recommend Hormone Harmony.


Hormone Harmony is a breakthrough formula that targets your specific needs, rebalancing your hormones to do away with symptoms that can make your life a living hell. Mylee mentions some of them (mood swings, poor sleep, night sweats) but there are many others, like weight gain, puffiness, low libido and cramps. It all comes down to the type of hormonal imbalance you have, which can go from PMS to menopause or oestrogen dominance.

Either way, thanks to its powerful and completely natural ingredients, our Hormone Harmony will:

  • Obliterate bloating and fluid retention
  • Ease digestion and suppress sugar cravings
  • Help you lose hormonal extra weight
  • Induce deep sleep
  • Eliminate hot flashes
  • Give you your old self back!

Similarly, Kate M. has gotten amazing results with Hormone Harmony in just 3 months—and it has been recommended by her doctor! Take a look at her testimonial here:

As she tells us in the video, Kate was suffering from stress, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and even panic attacks, with no effective remedy in sight. Until one day, she decided to try out Hormone Harmony and, just within a couple of hours, the panic stopped. As months went by, other symptoms also disappeared, like bloating and puffiness. She now realises even her cheekbones are back!

How did this magic happen? Well, Hormone Harmony contains American Ginseng Extract, a powerful ingredient that sharpens your mind, boosts your memory, helps you make better decisions, and protects your brain against damage triggered by stress and poor sleep (1) shielding you from mental decline and brain fog! Plus, Rhodiola Extract does away with crazy mood swings, boosting your energy and giving you mental clarity in as little as just 30 minutes (2).

Regarding the bloating Kate was suffering from that disappeared after she took Hormone Harmony, we have Ashwagandha to thank for this. This amazing plant not only does away with anxiety and stress by blocking the hormone cortisol, it is also responsible for unexplained weight gain and bloating (3).

A Physician-Approved Natural Solution for Gut Problems

Very easy to use product. I started to use Complete Gut Repair after I had to have such a long wait for a specialist appointment. I was having lower abdomen pain and toilet troubles and just felt horrible in the tummy, I couldn't eat anything much before I had to run to the toilet. Once I started with this product, I started to feel a little less pain and more normal in the stomach. I went to see the Doctor, he recommended I keep taking it because it was helping me. I know everyone is different but it has definitely helped me with my issues!

Donna K.

At Happy Mammoth, we understand how crucial gut health is for your wellbeing. Several digestive diseases, like IBS or leaky gut, can bring about painful symptoms like cramping, bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. But sometimes you may suffer from undiagnosed inflammation or food sensitivities that make your stomach upset or make you run to the toilet even if you eat seemingly “innocent” foods. Such is the case of Donna K., who decided to take the bull by the horns and look for a completely natural solution - Complete Gut Repair.

This is a completely natural formula that contains prebiotics, collagen peptides and glycine, that soothes your irritated gut and gives you immediate comfort. Additionally, it can rebuild your damaged lining so you can say goodbye to all your annoying digestive symptoms. Our Prebiotic Collagen Protein is so effective we’re not surprised her doctor now recommends it to other patients suffering from similar digestive issues!

“I’m a physician and I’m so impressed!”

Family medicine physician here. I have tried almost everything on the market, both prescription and natural, for constant bloating and general GI upset. I had hiatal hernia surgery 2 months ago and it left me with tons of issues belching and having gas. This worked very soon after I started taking it and now I can tell if I miss my dinner dose! I highly recommend it and now I’m recommending it to my patients!

Mary M.

Bloating and general digestive discomfort can sometimes be overlooked as “mild” issues that do not affect your quality of life, but that can’t be farther from the truth. Gas buildup, pain, burping all the time and even digestive “surprises” can take all the pleasure away from eating and turn it into a nightmare. The good news is that, just like Mary, you can reverse this situation by taking 3 pills of our Bloat Banisher.

It contains ingredients like lemon balm, a potent remedy that relieves inflammation and relaxes your gut and stops bloating in its tracks (4) and the well-known chamomile, a proven way to treat ulcers and indigestion due its anti-inflammatory properties (5).

In addition to a powerful blend of herbs that promote the elimination of gas and bloating, keeping your belly flat and light, Bloat Banisher contains 7 digestive enzymes (6) that support your digestion. Together, they help your stomach break down even the most difficult foods, obliterating pain and cramps. Try it today with the certainty that is being recommended and tried by doctors themselves!

While traditional medicine is a crucial part of our wellbeing, natural remedies are becoming more and more popular due to their effectiveness and low (or non-existent) side effects when treating certain conditions. Our natural formulas that target gut and hormonal health, in particular, have proven to be so successful that even doctors are now recommending them!

If you’d like to find the best natural solution for your hormonal symptoms, but don’t know where to get started, take our FREE 5-minute hormonal health assessment!

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