Terms and conditions

Supporting Happy Mammoth is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Help us spread the word

We (Happy Koala LLC, the company that owns the Happy Mammoth brand) are grateful that you are willing to help us promote our wonderful products.

To allow us to do this, you assign to us all rights in any images, videos, text, information and any other material that you provide us (Content). These rights include all copyright in the Content.

You represent to us that you (and only you) have created the Content. You agree that we can choose whether, when and how to credit you whenever we use the Content.

2. Transparency

Like with our products and ingredients, we're all about being transparent, especially with our loyal supporters like you.

So that you are aware:

  • we can use the content to promote our products and the Happy Mammoth brand;
  • we can use the content in any format, including online and good old fashion print, anywhere in the world (including outside our website); and
  • we can choose when to use the Content.

You agree that there is no remuneration for assigning the rights in the Content. However, if there is any promotion involved with you providing any Content, those terms will continue to apply.

3. Totally above board

We of course want to do the right thing by our customers. To be crystal clear, and in exchange for the rights in the Content:

  • we won't modify Content that would change its nature. If you endorse a specific product, we won't attribute the Content with another product; and
  • we won't attribute the Content outside of our brands.

These terms are governed by the laws of the State of Wyoming, USA and you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of this State.

If you have any questions, please send them to us to support@happymammoth.co.