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Thrilled customers worldwide ordered over 1 million bottles!

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Complete Gut Repair

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Hormone Harmony

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Deep Sleep Mode™

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Complete Gut Repair

This 2-in-1 premium formula has helped over 30,000 people improve gut health, fat burning and skin health. The organic blend of prebiotics skyrockets gut healing and weight loss, whilst the premium collagen rejuvenates the gut lining, joints, skin, hair and nails from the inside out.

Hormone Harmony

This hormone-balancing formula adapts to your body’s unique needs and challenges, so you can enjoy perfectly balanced hormones as you go through Perimenopause, Menopause, PCOS and their irritating symptoms such as cramps, hot flashes and mood swings. 

Deep Sleep Mode

The most comprehensive natural formula that gets you sound asleep 36% faster and keeps you in restful, deep sleep mode for the rest of the night — so you can wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and brimming with energy every day without any habit-forming prescription meds! 

We Create Science-Based Natural Formulas That Have Helped Over 156,357 Women Feel More Like Themselves Again

Thrilled customers worldwide ordered over 1 million bottles!

Our CEO, Matt Murphy, started Happy Mammoth because he was fed up with medical treatments that don't work . . . and low-quality supplements that never deliver on their promises.

That's why it's become his mission to help millions of people to transform their health and entire lives with proven, science-backed formulas that work better than conventional treatments — without causing nasty side effects.

To make this happen, he built a "dream team" of doctors, nutritionists and health experts. He then set 4 indisputable rules every Happy Mammoth formula must meet, to guarantee exceptional quality.

That's why Happy Mammoth is proud to create products . . .

Made in the European Union With the World's Highest Quality Standards

Our formulas meet strict European Union quality standards — which are considered the toughest in the world. That's why our every product is pure, safe and clean.

Based on New Scientific Discoveries With Evidence-Based Dosage Amounts

Every single ingredient in our formulas has been proven to deliver health benefits in numerous scientific studies. To guarantee the highest effectiveness, we always use the exact same dosage found by scientists to be safe and deliver the biggest benefits.

100% Natural and Organic Ingredients Only - Nothing Artificial

We ONLY use natural ingredients from trusted, sustainable and organic sources. Our formulas are free from GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. 

We randomly check every new batch of products to guarantee the highest safety standards.

With Extreme Quality Standards

We designed a 9-step process to guarantee all of our products are 100% free from dangerous additives and fillers. In fact, Matt Murphy personally visits our manufacturers to take samples and test the quality of our ingredients. Plus, we use a third-party laboratory to verify the potency and purity of our formulas.

These Health Experts Work Around The Clock to Help You Regain Health, Happiness and Full Control Over Your Life

Our Team Combines 68 Years of Experience in Helping Women

Restore Perfect Health — The Natural Way

Dr. ​​Aimée Gould Shunney

ND, Women's Hormone Health Specialist

Aimée is a medical doctor from Santa Cruz, California, with 21 years of clinical experience. She specialises in natural treatments that target the roots of women's health problems. She's helped thousands of women to restore healthy hormonal balance and take back control over their lives.

Belinda Kirkpatrick

Clinical Naturopath, Women's Digestive Health Specialist

Belinda has 18 years of clinical experience in women's hormone health. She runs her own practice in Sydney, Australia. Belinda has helped thousands of women from Europe, America and Australia to feel like themselves by restoring perfect digestive health.

Tobie Kokot

Nutritional Scientist and Lead Formulator

Tobie comes from Germany where he graduated with a master's degree in nutrition science. He has 17 years of experience in formulating natural supplements. He's driven by the newest scientific discoveries and never cuts corners when it comes to the quality and safety of our formulations. Tobie creates our natural formulas with the proverbial "German precision" that sets us apart from other brands.

Matthew Murphy 

CEO, Health Researcher and Biohacker

Matt has 12 years of experience as a health researcher. He always believed that common health problems can be solved with natural methods that are safer (and better) than conventional treatments. At the age of 20, he went on a mission to find the best, science-backed natural ways to help people transform their health and bring back their vitality, happiness and desire. Today, he carries out this mission in Europe, Australia and the United States by leading Happy Mammoth.

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